Old Testament

New Testament

Jeremiah 51:3-11 New Century Version (NCV)

3. Don’t let the Babylonian soldiers prepare their bows to shoot.Don’t even let them put on their armor.Don’t feel sorry for the young men of Babylon,but completely destroy her army.

4. They will be killed in the land of the Babyloniansand will die in her streets.

5. The Lord God All-Powerfuldid not leave Israel and Judah,even though they were completely guiltyin the presence of the Holy One of Israel.

6. “Run away from Babylonand save your lives!Don’t stay and be killed because of Babylon’s sins.It is time for the Lord to punish Babylon;he will give Babylon the punishment she deserves.

7. Babylon was like a gold cup in the Lord’s handthat made the whole earth drunk.The nations drank Babylon’s wine,so they went crazy.

8. Babylon has suddenly fallen and been broken.Cry for her!Get balm for her pain,and maybe she can be healed.

9. “Foreigners in Babylon say, ‘We tried to heal Babylon,but she cannot be healed.So let us leave her and each go to his own country.Babylon’s punishment is as high as the sky;it reaches to the clouds.’

10. “The people of Judah say, ‘The Lord has shown us to be right.Come, let us tell in Jerusalemwhat the Lord our God has done.’

11. “Sharpen the arrows!Pick up your shields!The Lord has stirred up the kings of the Medes,because he wants to destroy Babylon.The Lord will punish them as they deservefor destroying his Temple.

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