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Nahum 1 Contemporary English Version Anglicised (CEVUK00)

The fierce anger of the Lord

1. I am Nahum from Elkosh. And this is the message that I wrote down about Nineveh.

The fierce anger of the Lord

2. The Lord God demands loyalty.In his anger, he takes revengeon his enemies.

3. The Lord is powerful,yet patient;he makes sure that the guiltyare always punished.He can be seen in stormsand in whirlwinds;clouds are the dust from his feet.

4. At the Lord's command,oceans and rivers dry up.Bashan, Mount Carmel,and Lebanon wither,and their flowers fade.

5. At the sight of the Lord,mountains and hillstremble and melt;the earth and its peopleshudder and shake.

6. Who can stand the heatof his furious anger?It flashes out like fireand shatters stones.

Assyria's doom brings hope for the Lord's people

The power of Assyria will be broken

7. The Lord is good.He protects those who trust himin times of trouble.

8. But like a roaring flood,the Lord chases his enemiesinto dark placesand destroys them.

9. So don't plot against the Lord!He wipes out his enemies,and they never revive.

10. They are like drunkardsovercome by wine,or like dry thorn bushesburning in a fire.

11. Assyria, one of your rulershas made evil plansagainst the Lord.

12. But the Lord says, “Assyria,no matter how strong you are,you are doomed!My people Judah,I have troubled you before,but I won't do it again.

13. I'll snap your chainsand set you freefrom the Assyrians.”

14. Assyria, this is what elsethe Lord says to you:“Your name will be forgotten.I will destroy every idolin your temple,and I will send you to the grave,because you are worthless.”

15. Look towards the mountains,people of Judah!Here comes a messengerwith good news of peace.Celebrate your festivals.Keep your promises to God.Your evil enemies are destroyedand will never againinvade your country.